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Liz Wardley tapes herself when the mast come down

"The mast came down as the boat fell off a wave"

mardi 22 décembre 2009Christophe Guigueno

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Liz Wardley is aboard the SolOceans One-design under jury rig and 160 nautical miles from Cascais Harbour (Lisbon - Portugal) after loosing the mast of her one-designed 53’ monohull. She was taping herself when the mast came down...

Liz Wardley : "The mast came down as the boat fell off a wave. The boat slammed hard and the mast took the shock seconds after. I believe it was the port shroud that broke or its fixture to the mast. I believe the mast went into the water intact. The shrouds and inner forestay had been changed in September for safety reasons just before my start.

I honestly believe that the mast finally broke out of fatigue caused by all these misadventures ; each crash gybe or wipe out was really violent. A mast seems to have a memory ; it can take a punishing and break two days later in light airs. For me however I still had strong breeze with violent gusts and a big seaway. That said I had been through gale force winds without any problems at all whilst passing Ushant in a horrible confused sea."

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