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Markus Wieser winner of the Gold Cup

samedi 24 août 2013Redaction SSS [Source RP]

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After six days of racing triumph at the Gazprom International Dragon Gold Cup for Ukrainian Markus Wiezer and his team (UKR 7) – a victory pieced together one day at a time with true consistency and spirit. The racing finished beautifully on the Bay of Douarnenez Douarnenez #Douarnenez and proved to be much more invigorating than on previous days. The virtuoso of the day was Marcus Brennecke (GER 11) who won the last race of the Gold Cup with apparent ease, by leading from start to finish for the full three hours of the race.

The Bay of Douarnenez Douarnenez #Douarnenez has naturally not revealed all her secrets, and will always remain the setting for the legend of la Ville d’Ys complete with its mysteries. For the Dragon sailors the question is still going to be – to the Left or the Right ? Even for a local sailor like Gwen Chapalain it’s a dilemma.

So just to keep the true quest alive, and to have the chance to keep reading this magnificent stretch of water, the rendez vous has been set for 2014. So we’ll be back again at the next Grand Prix Guyader which as every year will take place in the first two weeks of May.

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  • 1- Markus Wieser (UKR7) – 54 pts
  • 2- Yevgen Braslavets (UKR8) – 74 pts
  • 3- Pieter Heerema (NED412) – 75 pts
  • 4- Thomas Muller (GER1133) – 83 pts
  • 5- Anatoly Loginov (RUS27) – 86 pts

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