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judel/vrolijk & co presents a 38ft ORC Lake Racer

mercredi 9 mai 2012Redaction SSS [Source RP]

The project came from an owner wish to sail a “one off” racing boat fully optimized for Lake Constance ORC regattas after several years experience on an existing production boat. To achieve such a goal, we were able to use most of the latest technical tools, materials and design developments coming from previous racing projects experience. Because of the sailing location, light wind and flat water condition were always the driving performance factor incorporating an ORC VPP rating system optimization.


High aspect ratio rig and appendages, keel bulb and carbon fibre construction are well know to give good sailing performances. However because of the light wind condition and rating system, developments were focus onto hull shape and crews position with an in-house CFD tool. No less than 18 configurations including 4 hulls type family were tested before the final design was chosen.


The choice of a big open cockpit space allows a better deck hardware ergonomy and the low profile coach roof incorporated onto a large deck radius improve the running rigging layout and aerodynamic aspect. To achieve a clean deck looking aspect, sails purchase line system is developed below deck, insuring maximal control and minimum friction. The interior structure aims for a light and stiff solution as well as open space for crews and sails passage.


Speedwave shipyard based at Lake Constance was in charge of the overall construction process, using in-house pre-wetted carbon fibre and light weight foam core. Hull and deck mould were fully milled in addition to bulb and keel parts. Rig and sail plan design in addition to tuning guide were developed in close corporation with North Sails and Southern Spar

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Dimensions :

  • LOA 11,30 m
  • DWL 10,50 m
  • BEAM 3,40 m
  • DRAFT 2,49 m
  • DSPL 4,71 t
  • Ballast 2,50 t
  • Sail area up 85,60 m2
  • Sail area down 185,00 m2
  • Designer judel/vrolijk & co

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