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Grand Prix Guyader

Michel Desjoyeaux on his MOD 70 won the offshore division in Douarnenez

lundi 7 mai 2012Redaction SSS [Source RP]

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The Bay of Douarnenez Douarnenez #Douarnenez uninhibitedly unveiled all its charms for the final day of the Grand Prix Guyader and the Défi Nautic. And it was a picture postcard setting that surrounded the offshore race boats and their leader of the pack, the unique Michel Desjoyeaux on his MOD 70 Foncia.

So as Sébastien Josse likes to refer to him, it was ‘God’, the current opponent for his Groupe Edmond de Rothschild, who set the rhythm for the day’s beautiful choreography, the brain child of Race Committee President Loïc Ponceau. A ‘pas de deux’ mainly disputed between the two MOD 70s, with Michel Desjoyeaux getting back ahead of Sébastien Josse in the second half.

The morning dawned with absolutely perfect conditions for a Sunday stroll in beautiful sunshine and a fairly light breeze. It was weather for the ladies, some may say and certainly not strong enough for the boarders to fly their wings, and so they were back on land along with many others, admiring the performance of the big boats.

Loïc Ponceau did a good job in designing a 20 mile route around the bay, setting a sound pace with six mark roundings snug to the coast, and allowing the locals from Sainte Anne, Tréboul, Morgat, les Sables Blancs and Rosmeur the chance to enjoy the truly outstanding display on the water from up close. A total of sixteen boats participated in the race ranging from between 40 and 70 feet and one, two and three hulls among them. The difference in boat performance meant the show on the water continued from 11am until 17h, with the start and finish lines right in front of the port of Rosmeur.

A last minute guest was also present, having travelled especially to accompany the boats, Jean Floc’h the well known dauphin in Douarnenez Douarnenez #Douarnenez back in town after several months away.

“At the Grand Prix Guyader there is always a state of grace,” admitted Philippe Lucas, the new president of the ‘société des régates’ in Douarnenez Douarnenez #Douarnenez , “It’s an enormous, generous organization that relies on the collaboration of volunteers and is always highly professional. There is a kind of alchemy here that can be felt by both sailors and the general public alike.

Battles on the water The gentle conditions of the day did nothing to relieve the inherent yearning on board for a good battle out on the water. As focused and determined as ever, the crews fought like devils for over three hours, and right up to the finish line. Whilst it seemed to be peaceful sailing from afar, the mark roundings left no doubt to the skippers’ real intentions. And the battle between Foncia and Groupe Edmond de Rothschild, was likewise fought amongst the Multi50 Multi50 #multi50 and the Class40 Class40 #Class40 , whilst the imperial and solitary IDEC made its own way towards the finish line.

It’s not over … Gwen Chapalain can now take a breather, and in spite of the restraints caused by the week’s challenging weather conditions, the Grand Prix Guyader organization were there to manage it.

“We have a fabulous arena here, but it has indeed been one of the toughest editions of the Grand Prix because of the low pressure system we had around us all week. But it has ended up fabulously with really fantastic weather. In ten days time we will be setting off again with Kite surfing and Paddle Paddle #standuppaddle #paddleboard boarding. The Grand Prix Guyader has proven that it really is quite unique - creating events within an event - in the world of sailing.”

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