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P28 Gonet & Cie

The first foiler with π foils and profile sail set sails in Switzerland

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The epitome of avant-gardism through the design of her structural rig, in association with her inverted π-shaped hydrofoils, today the “P28 Gonet & Cie” monohull reveals her lines as well as the essence which colours the project.

A whole new take on yacht design, she daringly combines two major evolutions in the marine Marine Marine nationale domain, namely : stage foils and a single support rig accompanied by a thick profile sail. A genuine technological jewel, the developed platform provides enough stability to sail in a wide variety of wind configurations.

This ambitious project has very recently taken shape with the launch and the first on-the-water trials to validate a complete set of principles. Involved in the project from the outset, the joint owner and member of the sailing team, Didier Quinodoz, explains the process :

“The gestation period for this promising foiler has lasted three long years in a bid to determine the formula which enables the craft to sail as well as fly in the widest possible range of weather conditions.”

The specifications allow for greater stability and performance, as well as making her accessible to a variety of sailors, keen for a thrilling ride in all kinds of sailing programmes.

A history of men above all, the genesis of the project began with two skilled racers and cutting-edge designers who, between them, had come to various conclusions relating to aero and hydro-dynamics. Speculating on the major constraints of the foiler, these boffins worked on introducing innovative solutions to facilitate boat handling and increase the potential for sailing time and hence enjoyment. Hugues de Turckheim, an engineer who has played a large part in the creation of some renowned foiling boats, gives his analysis as project designer and coordinator :

“Through her audacity and pragmatism the P28 Gonet & Cie is writing an important page in the era of foilers”.

Indeed, the adventure has only just begun for this team of enthusiasts, which consists of engineer-designers, Hugues De Turckheim and Mathias Bavaud, who are responding to the desires of the racers and skiff Skiff #skiff fans : Didier Quinodoz, Philippe Schiller, Arnaud L’Huillier, Emmanuel Schaub and Nicholas Verwilghen. All of the latter are co-owners and members of the core crew. Partners at every level in this valued technological development, they have been fully involved throughout so as to bring their respective experiences to bear in the driving of a project which incorporates a wide range of skills.

Co-owner of the boat on a personal level as well as a Partner at the Gonet & Cie bank, title sponsor to the project, Nicolas Gonet explains this involvement :

“We’re proud to associate our name with a very fine human adventure, whose drivers are friendship and sporting passion, as well as contributing to the technological evolutions which characterise the dynamics and entrepreneurial flair of sailing on Lake Geneva.”

The “P28 Gonet & Cie” is now beginning a programme of adjustments and intensive preparation, which will take her to the start of next season’s Genève-Rolle-Genève and the prestigious Bol d’Or.

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