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Charente-Maritime/Bahia Transat 6,50

Mathieu Claveau forced to abandon his boat

lundi 24 octobre 2011Information Transat 650

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Mathieu Claveau (405 – Okoume Les chevaux du Beal) is on board the escort boat Edulis, forced to abandon his boat at sea after a collision with an unidentified floating object.

Mathieu Claveau (405 – Okoume Les chevaux du Beal) collided last night with one unidentified floating object that severely damaged his hull. This also caused important leaks on board. The water level rose rapidly and forced Mathieu to start the standard procedure for external help request by pressing the red button on his beacon and releasing his sarsat beacon. He has been evacuated of his boat. A cargo ship was diverted on 45 miles toward the area and the escort boat Edulis was diverted by the Race Direction. In agreement with the MRCC, which oversaw the operation, the cargo was asked to be on the weather-beam and athwart the sea to protect Mathieu during his evacuation. Mathieu has board on his life raft and two Edulis’s crewmembers in the rear skirt have caught him and his first aid bag - which he had carefully prepared. Mathieu will remain on board of Edulis until Bahia.

Mathieu’ statement - by Iridium :

"I had 10 knots of wind when it happened. I was asleep and I was awakened by a great shock. I have made more sails and then, while I was looking inside the boat, I saw the water gushing under my kitchen board. I went down, I plunged my hand and I felt the wood of the hull that exploded. I think that I hit a metal object that destroyed my hull. The boat was filled with water in one hour. I tried to bail out but I quickly realized that this was not possible and that it was completely useless. I had battery up until half an hour before the arrival of the cargo and Edulis in the area. I was surprised that everyone is there so quickly. I have all prepared to stay one or two days without help. All is fine... "

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