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Volvo Ocean Race / Leg 5

In Neptune’s Realm

lundi 18 mars 2002Information Volvo Ocean Race

King Neptune is back with the fleet, racing in the Volvo Ocean Race Volvo Ocean Race #VolvoOceanRace , after waiting patiently for five months at the equator for the fleet to return. His patience was rewarded with some fresh sailors who haven’t crossed the equator on a sailing yacht before as they came onboard on one of the southern hemisphere legs. No matter where positioned, all the sailors obeyed ruefully to his call and took the punishment with the utmost devotion.

Anthony Nossiter of djuice had to face the strongest charges, firstly he crossed Cape Horn bare of any cloth, and secondly he tried to escape facing the king by telling lies. The crew revealed the fraud and wrote from on board : "In Rio, he asked his friend Nico [Celon] on Amer Sports One, how he could get out of trouble with King Neptune. His good friend Nico advised him to tell a lie that he had done the Melbourne to Osaka race earlier, and therefore already had crossed the equator. In the meantime Nocka thought it was a bit too easy to find out that he hadn’t done the race, so he chose to tell the skipper and others on djuice that he had done a delivery from Melbourne to Osaka. Very early we on had suspicions that this was a complete fake story as 99.9% of the deliveries are done the opposite way, from Osaka to Melbourne, after the race to Osaka. This was clearly confirmed yesterday by Nocka’s nice friend Nico on Amer Sports One who sent us a mail telling us that we shouldn’t believe a word of what Nocka said about earlier equator crossings !! What a set-up ! What a friend, and how angry did King Neptune get ????. Well done Nock !" Neptune’s helpers tied the poor fellow to the jockey pole and, with a speech justifying our punishment, the pot of ’crud’ was poured all over his naked body and left to dry. It took him hour to clean up properly.

Freddy Loof on Amer Sports One was not much better off. Neptune doesn’t usually show any mercy. It doesn’t matter whether someone is a novice sailor or a multiple Olympic class world champion as in Freddy’s case. Anthony Merrington of SEB was made sure to remember this day in his life for the years to come.

Meanwhile, the fleet is still racing hard and has entered the northern hemisphere trade wind belt and accelerated to exhilarating speeds of up to 20 knots. The close racing between illbruck, ASSA ABLOY and Tyco we saw over the last days in the 10-knot boat speed range has been carried forward to the 20-knot range. The yachts are in full planing conditions on a northwesterly course with the spinnaker up and 20 to 25 knots of wind over the starboard quarter.. The boats are searching for the perfect path in the ever-changing landscape of the four-meter high waves. The bows dig up the 28 degree C warm water and rush it back, giving the crews a welcome soaking in the tropical heat. Mark Rudiger expects that not a lot will change until the boats reach Barbuda as it is straight line reaching. The speed of the top three yachts is very evenly matched and unless a boat breaks gear, there will not be many passing lanes open.

SEB, Amer Sports Too, Amer Sports One and News Corp are spread over a line perpendicular to their course and it is a very open race for all of them to go for the places four to seven. Djuice has finally sped up as well, but is trailing the leading yacht illbruck by almost 150 miles.

Gurra Krantz said in an interview that he is relieved that things are going better for them again. Their speed has improved and they are closing in on the leading yachts. The reason for this is that they spent some time tuning the new mast they stepped in Rio and in better positioning. "We position ourselves better, sometimes it depends just on a few hundred metres whether you gain or lose", Gunnar Krantz explained during a satellite interview. However he doesn‚t expect to catch up with the leading pack on the reaching stretch to Barbuda. He added : "I am not surprised that it is Amer Sports Too that is putting the pressure on. They know the boat better every leg and it is time to realise that they can sail the boat very fast. We are going to do everything we can to beat them, and I think all of us think the same."

Knut Frostad sent in an account of frustration after being badly left behind under a cloud that was sweeping on from behind, hitting them first and burying them in torrential rain with no wind at all for several hours : "I hate it ! I hate this more than anything in the world ! The only thing I know then, is, that for sure, someone else is moving. For some reason the wind doesn’t come back at all for two very long hours, and when it did came back it was with only four to five knots as far as we could see and drizzling rain.

No, no, no. Can’t eat, can’t drink, can’t sleep !!! It’s just too frustrating ! Why us ? Why now ? We should have seen this ? With Jean Yves I run through the last satellite pictures again. The newest one shows a huge cloud all over the whole fleet. You wouldn’t be able to say that we where the only one parked in there."

By now, the trade wind is well established all the way to the West Indies and with the current speed, the leaders should cover the 1300 miles to Barbuda in less than four days.

Volvo Ocean Race Position Report, Day 10, 0958 GMT

PS Yacht Latitude Longitude DTF CMG SMG TFHR DTL DTL-C ETA PO
- 1 ILBK 04 37.20N 044 03.72W 02460 303 14.3 294 000 +0 27 MAR 02 37
- 2 AART 04 40.08N 043 56.72W 02463 303 14.4 299 003 +02 27 MAR 02 27
- 3 TYCO 04 36.24N 043 53.96W 02468 307 13.7 293 008 +03 27 MAR 02 24
- 4 TSEB 03 04.36N 044 07.60W 02516 321 11.4 282 056 +18 27 MAR 02 17
- 5 ATOO 03 07.36N 043 14.84W 02554 321 11.7 283 094 +17 28 MAR 02 11
- 6 AONE 03 27.08N 042 42.44W 02567 315 12.8 273 107 +09 28 MAR 02 25
- 7 NEWS 03 38.20N 042 11.24W 02584 314 12.2 255 124 +13 28 MAR 02 21
- 8 DJCE 02 23.68N 042 40.44W 02609 311 10.5 257 149 +23 28 MAR 02 18

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