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ASSA ABLOY Group achieves objectives with Volvo Ocean Race

vendredi 15 mars 2002Information Volvo Ocean Race

The ASSA ABLOY Group has achieved its main objectives with its participation in the Volvo Ocean Race. The race has supported and improved the integration process of more than 100 companies worldwide and strengthened the ASSA ABLOY corporate identity in an excellent way. The objectives are already realised before the other half of the globe will be concurred by the ASSA ABLOY Racing Team.

"The Volvo Ocean Race has been an extremely successful tool in the process of integrating 100 companies in 40 countries. The race matches our Group’s geographical presence and markets perfectly. It provides an ideal framework for our integration, both internally and externally. At each of the nine stopovers from Southampton to Kiel we are holding meetings with our local companies, management and employees, in addition we are getting together with customers to discuss the local market and how we best can support them. Even part through the race we can note a remarkable upswing in Group awareness and pride", says Anna Bernsten Vice President ASSA ABLOY and responsible for the integration project.

Within ASSA ABLOY, 95 percent of the managers involved in Volvo Ocean Race activities are positive or very positive to the Group’s participation in the race and 98 percent say that they follow the race. 97 percent state that their employees follow the race and 85 percent said that Internet stations have been made available for the employees to follow the race. 90 percent believe that the race has helped spread knowledge about ASSA ABLOY to their customers and 95 percent believe that the Group will benefit from the participation in Volvo Ocean Race.

"87 percent of our managers that have been participating in the stopover activities state that they are more proud of working for ASSA ABLOY because of the Volvo Ocean Race. This is our ultimate goal, to make sure that our mission, priorities and ways of working are understood and quickly implemented and that our employees feel an increasing pride for belonging to the ASSA ABLOY Group", says Anna Bernsten.

The Survey was conducted by Opticom International Research in November and December 2001, with the overall purpose to provide ASSA ABLOY with a profile of Management’s perception regarding the Group‚s participation in the Volvo Ocean Race.

On 7 February 2002 ASSA ABLOY announced its Year-End report for 2001. In addition to the healthy numbers, the Group also announced the success of the company‚s participation in the Volvo Ocean Race and the integration project.

ASSA ABLOY’s participation in the Volvo Ocean Race has generated a lot of publicity. This global round the world race is exploited world wide in media, in addition trade press and business media have run many stories of the local ASSA ABLOY Group companies. Since ASSA ABLOY announced its entry in the Volvo Ocean Race in August 2000 there have been 4500-5000 reported press cuttings around the world. Measured up until January 2002 in print press only. These numbers are supplied by Sports Marketing Survey (SMS), a worldwide independent research group that keeps track of the exposure of this race for Volvo and the ASSA ABLOY Racing Team. SMS also points out that ASSA ABLOY has got it right when it comes to the branding and graphical design, which has proven to be the most visible of all the boats.

Media monitoring has been undertaken in 11 territories and up until 3 February 2002 the following results have been achieved through television, print and the Volvo Ocean Race website : TV has reached a broad audience with news and programs dedicated to the race. A cumulative audience of more than 351 million viewers has been reached through more than 385 hours reporting on the race in the 11 territories that are being monitored (courtesy SMS). The race has so far generated over 9,000 press cuttings (courtesy SMS) in the same 11 territories whilst the Volvo Ocean Race website has now attracted over 2 million unique visitors.

Mark Howell, Media Director for the Volvo Ocean Race commented "The Volvo Ocean Race has surpassed the coverage attained by previous round the world races. The on-board technology, has enabled us to reach a broader audience than ever before through broadcast and print outlets."

In August 2000 ASSA ABLOY, The World’s Leading Lock Group, announced its bid in the Volvo Ocean Race. The race is halfway round the world now and next to the successful performance on the water, a lot has been achieved on the business side of this global project as well.

Volvo Ocean Race Position Report, Day 7, 0956 GMT

PS Yacht Latitude Longitude DTF CMG SMG TFHR DTL DTL-C ETA PO
- 1 TYCO 05 30.28S 035 01.04W 03266 336 11.2 208 0 +0 27 MAR 02 26
- 2 ILBK 05 36.36S 034 58.08W 03273 338 11.1 202 7 +2 27 MAR 02 36
- 3 AART 05 35.84S 034 55.32W 03274 341 11.1 199 8 +2 27 MAR 02 26
- 4 NEWS 06 03.92S 034 40.80W 03305 346 10.6 200 39 +6 27 MAR 02 24
- 5 DJCE 06 25.88S 034 35.76W 03327 345 10.1 199 61 +8 28 MAR 02 21
- 6 TSEB 06 27.25S 034 36.32W 03328 348 10.2 203 62 +9 28 MAR 02 15
- 7 AONE 06 25.88S 034 31.28W 03329 347 10.4 196 63 +9 28 MAR 02 24
- 8 ATOO 06 27.68S 034 24.80W 03334 348 10.1 202 68 +10 28 MAR 02 8

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