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18ft Skiffs

Elizabeth Wash is the new queen of Sydney harbour

"I enjoy trapezing and loved being able to really help out on the skiff"

lundi 5 avril 2010Redaction SSS [Source RP]

The Australian 18 Footers Queen of the Harbour for 2010 is Elizabeth Walsh, who teamed with Seve Jarvin and Sam Newton in Gotta Love It 7 to win the coveted title on Sydney Harbour last Sunday.

Elizabeth, or ‘Bob’ as she is better known throughout the Sydney 18 Footer fraternity, is the girlfriend of Gotta Love It 7’s for’ard hand Sam Newton, is a regular follower of the weekly skiff Skiff #skiff racing and has a very good knowledge of the sport.

More than that, however, ‘Bob’ is a fine sailor in her own right and (as can be seen on the attached mages of her on the Gotta Love It 7 skiff Skiff #skiff in the Queen of the Harbour race) is at home on the wings of a flying 18.

Elizabeth’s love of the 18s began while she was still at school.

“My Year 12 (Higher School Certificate) Art major work was on 18 Footers – ’18 feet of adrenaline’, a lino cut five piece series about 18 Footers”.

“I went down to the park and asked one of the sailors if I could go for a sail on an 18. He said yes and I have always been an enthusiast during the six years since that day”.

Asked about her experience in the Queen of the Harbour race, Elizabeth said : “Sailing the Queen of the Harbour was so enjoyable. Sam and I looked at the forecast and decided that we could manage racing ‘3-up’ and with the light crew weight we’d have an advantage over most of the other teams with a crew of four”.

“I enjoy trapezing and loved being able to really help out on the skiff. It was a fun race to sail. We led for more than half the race so as well as being fun it was also stressful because we didn’t want to put it down the mine”.

“I think the Queen of the Harbour is a great race to get the partners and sponsors of the teams on the water”.

“The best thing the race does is encourage the boys to communicate. They are forced to talk to you as the ‘newbie’ onboard as well as to each other. It was worth listening to that communication Communication #Communication ”.

Elizabeth began her sailing career in New Zealand.

“I started sailing at the Ponsonby Yacht Club in Auckland then grew up on Sydney Harbour sailing Lasers and Elliot 5.9s and 6s, competing five years of match racing with Katie Spithill and her team in Australia and overseas”.

“In 2001 I commenced my involvement in the Farr 40 one design class. My best results in the class have been a first in the nationals, a first in the 2005 pre worlds and 2nd in the Rolex world championships with team Shockwave”.

She currently sails on the Melbourne based Farr 55, Living Doll, in which she recently contested her third Sydney-Hobart race.

“I’m onboard to learn the art of navigation and, with the support of the boat’s owner Michael Hiatt, I’m really loving the steep learning curve and the great experience”.

Along with those achievements, Elizabeth has also completed three Tasman crossings. Hobart to Auckland, Melbourne to Takapuna and Auckland to Sydney.

Earlier in the 2009-2010 Season, Elizabeth did a commentary stint for the Australian 18 Footers League on their video coverage of club races.

“I really enjoyed the experience and would love to do more in the future”.

Elizabeth’s hobbies are all water based. “I enjoy trying to wakeskate and knee board and love sailing with friends in twilight races. I also enjoy travelling”.

She recently started a new business venture in the marine Marine Marine nationale industry. “It’s called Latitude Crew Gear, which provides a variety of brands at highly competitive prices. It’s only two months old and I look forward to growing it into a fun viable business”.

It seems Elizabeth (or if you prefer ‘Bob’) is an ideal ‘Queen of Sydney Harbour’.

- Press info Frank Quealey / Australian 18 Footers League /

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