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Jules Verne Trophy

Geronimo crosses the equator with two days in hand

mercredi 27 février 2002

"A little over 9 days to reach the equator isn’t an achievement that will go down in the record Record #sailingrecord books", said Olivier de Kersauson in his radio bulletin today.

"Without wishing to boast, a boat like Geronimo should be able to make it into the Southern Hemisphere within 6 days. But we had a horrible time in the Doldrums. For whatever reason, there was hardly any wind, and what there was changed direction all the time, leaving us to gibe up to six times in one hour. It was completely unpredictable. On board, the watch system more or less disappeared because we always had more people on deck than we needed. But the crewmembers were dying to cross this line and we’ve been able to resume our normal pace for the moment". Which means that the Cap Gemini Ernst &Young and Schneider Electric watches will have resumed their race against the clock.

Geronimo left Brest Brest #brest 9 days ago and reached the Canaries in just two and a half days. Soon after passing the Cape Verde islands, the trimaran became bogged down in an unusually complex and wide-ranging Doldrums weather system. Yesterday, with 70 miles still to go to the equator, Olivier de Kersauson told us "I can’t tell you when we’ll get there because the weather system we’re in seems to be moving at the same speed as we are". Although it was a trying situation for the crew and will have tested their resolve, it did at least offer them the opportunity to give the trimaran a complete check-up.

"Geronimo’s performance has been quite extraordinary, making 6 knots headway in just 4 knots of wind. It’s a pleasure to sail this boat, even in such mediocre conditions. It’s so finely-tuned and responsive".

With two days in hand on his own previous record Record #sailingrecord , Olivier de Kersauson is now heading south : "We’ve some great times ahead".

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Map : Geronimo vs Orange

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