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Vendée Globe • D19

Seb Josse takes the lead close to St Helena high

"We are really close to Gitana with Loick [Peyron]"

jeudi 27 novembre 2008Redaction SSS [Source RP]

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BT took the lead of the 2008 Vendée Globe passing Loick Peyron (Gitana Eighty) late morning : "We are really close to Gitana with Loick - I see him this morning and I think we pass him but we have to wait for the next position report," reported Seb. As the 1500 position report came through it confirmed Sébastien had taken the lead. Peyron has held the lead for the past consecutive 13 days and it is only the second time since day 4 of the race that BT has nudged ahead in this intense race.

It’s now a case of ’who dares wins’, as BT negotiates the area of high pressure ahead skirting the dangerous St Helena High - too close and the wind will disappear. Seb knows he must edge round the high keeping BT in a stream of acceleration to propel him towards the fast downwind conditions. The heart of the anticyclone lies approximately 250 miles due south as it now moves eastwards - a scenario that 6th-placed Jean Le Cam may be able to take advantage of being the most easterly boat, allowing him to sail a shorter route, closer to the direct course. However, any of the frontrunners could threaten the stranglehold that Sébastian and Loick Peyron have held over the last two weeks.

"In the next 2-4 days it looks a little bit tricky because we have the high pressure of St Helena but after that I think the first one that arrive the other side of the high pressure is in a very good shape for the race. It’s a little bit too soon to say about catching the first low pressure because first we will find the good wind the other side of St Helena which is just stronger wind from the effect of the high pressure, so not really low pressure. Maybe in 3 or 4 days we are in quite a good west wind to go to the ice gate," said Seb.

This is a key moment in the race and the victors will be those that get the faster downwind conditions first - it will certainly be a test of nerves and consummate tactics to come out ahead.

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4pm rankings

- 1- Sébastien Josse (BT) à 19770 milles de l’arrivée
- 2- Loïck Peyron (Gitana Eighty) à 15,3 milles du premier
- 3- Armel Le Cléac’h (Brit Air) à 20,3 milles
- 4- Vincent Riou (PRB) à 26,7 milles
- 5- Jean-Pierre Dick (Paprec-Virbac 2) à 30,2 milles

first non french entries
- 9- Mike Golding (Ecover) à 57,4 milles
- 11- Brian Thompson (Bahrain Team Pindar) à 222,4 milles
- 12- Dominique Wavre (Temenos) à 234,4 milles

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