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PKRA Speed Tour

Caizergues and Bredenkamp win final event in Namibia

50.57 knots : French and World Outright for Alexandre Caizergues

vendredi 10 octobre 2008Redaction SSS [Source RP]

The 2008 Luderitz Speed Challenge, the PKRA Speed Final event in the same time, came to an end today with the official closing ceremony at the Nest Hotel. Big thinks have been achieved in the last four weeks, with the first man going over 50 knots and the old outright sailing record Record #sailingrecord smashed several times.

Already from the beginning, everybody was on fire when American Rob Douglas broke Antoine Albeaus (FRA, Starboard) outright record Record #sailingrecord the first time on the 19th of September with a blistering run of 49.84 knots, as well as Sjoukje Bredenkamp claiming a new womens record Record #sailingrecord at 45,2 knots.

In course of time, the fastest speeds constantly changed between the top contenders Alex Caizergues, Sebastien Cattelan (all France) and Rob Douglas. Powered up as well Chris Prin-Guenon (FRA) and Hennie Bredenkamp (RSA).

Improving the racing course from day to day with sandbags and wooden barriers to stop the chop from the river outlets, the speeds improved as well. After two weeks of competition, 49 knots was nothing special anymore and it was only a question of time until the 50 would fall.

On the third of October, speeds increased and conditions became hectic. Finally, Sebastien Cattelan was the first man over 50 knots, with 50.26 in the end the magical barrier was finally broken.

With the arrival of Charlotte Consorti (FRA) the womens competition became more thrilling, and with a best speed of 44.74 knots she missed Sjoukjes best speed from the beginning of the event only closely.

The fourth of October saw racing action again, and this time it was Alex Caizergues who snatched victory with a new outright world record (subject to WSSRC ratification) of 50.57 knots

The last two days of competition saw hauling winds again, and Rob Douglas and Sebastien Cattelan took another shot at the record, but missed Alex’ best speed by only 1/100 (Rob Douglas) and 2/100 (Sebastien Cattelan) of a second. At Alex record speed of 50.57 knots this means only 26cm difference on a 501m long speedstrip between the top three contenders.

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Final Event Ranking Man
- 1. Alexandre Caizergues, FRA
- 2. Sebastien Cattelan, FRA
- 3. Robert Douglas, USA
- 4. Christophe Prin-Guenon, FRA
- 5. Jerome Bila,FRA

Final Event Ranking Women
- 1. Sjoukje Bredenkamp, RSA
- 2. Charlotte Consorti, FRA
- 3. Katja Roose, NED

Records broken on this event (all subject to WSSRC ratification)

- Alexandre Caizergues, French and World Outright : 50.57 knots
- Robert Douglas, US Outright : 50.54 knots
- Grant Ross, South African Outright : 48.79 knots
- Rolf van der Vlugt, Dutch Outrigh : 47.46 knots
- Sjoukje Bredenkamp, South African and World Outright Women : 45,20 knots
- Juergen Geiger, Namibian Outright : 44.90 knots
- David Williams, British Outright : 44.78 knots
- Charlotte Consorti, French Outright Women : 44.74 knots
- Bjorn Dunkerbeck, Spanish Outright : 44.74 knots
- Jernej Privsek, Slovenian Outright : 43.42 knots
- Marc Avela, Spanish Kiteboarding : 42.76 knot-s
- Christian Barret, Belgium Outright : 40.87 knots
- Katja Roose, Dutch Outright Women : 39.58 knots
- Jemma Grobbelaar, British Outright Women : 31.18 knots

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