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Kiteboard Pro World Tour

Consecration of Gisela Pulido and Thomas Cocquelet

Season closed in Nouméa with the Alcatel Kitesurf Pro

mardi 29 novembre 2005Redaction SSS [Source RP]

This is the 2005 world cup of kiteboarding season, closed here in Nouméa for the Alcatel Kitesurf Kitesurf #Kitesurf Pro, last stage of the year. It couldn’t better close this season : contrary to the pre-event forecast rather pessimist, the organisation Organisation #organisation benefited from good riding conditions all along the week, giving once again the opportunity for the competitors to enjoy a wide variety competition formats.

Aside the spectacular Best Tricks and Teri Hang Time contests, they’ll of course keep in mind the main freestyle event, that held everyone in suspense until the finals, during which Tom Hébert and Gisela Pulido eventually imposed their leadership.

The organisation Organisation #organisation will also remember the great performance of Robert Teriitahau, who broke the record Record #sailingrecord of the Phare Amédée Speed Crossing. This mythic race that was on the women side led by Gisela Pulido.

The 12 year old the young spaniard just amazingly won every single contest of the Alcatel kitesurf Kitesurf #Kitesurf Pro !.besides, with her 4 victories on the 2005 KPWT season (out of 6 stages), Gisela keeps her world title - she’s at the same time the 2005 junior women world champion and to finish she finished 1st of the 2005 Wave Masters series, which makes her not only the youngest but also most titled female kiteboarder of the history of the sport !

On the men side, the 2005 World Champion is Thomas Cocquelet - contrary to his good places in the last KPWT events (2nd in Brazil, 1st in Australia, 3rd In France) he finishes 7th of the freestyle event in Nouméa but still, he deserves his title thanks to his consistency all along the 2005 six stages.

Final 2005 rankings

2005 KPWT World Ranking - Top 5 Men :
- 1st : Thomas Cocquelet (FR) - Cabrinha, Sooruz, RSC, Julbo, Axel’Air - 3660 pts
- 2nd : Charles Deleau (FR) - North, Fanatic, Cool Shoe, Red Bull, Ion, Kitefix, Mahalo - 3600 pts
- 3rd : Mickaël Fernandez (FR) - RRD, Pat Love, Demetz - 3580 pts
- 4th : Antoine Auriol (FR) - Kiteloose, Mormaii - 3260 pts
- 5th : Sébastien Garat (FR) - RRD, Cool Tracks, Mystic, Axel Air - 2540 pts

2005 KPWT World Ranking - Top 5 Women :
- 1st : Gisela Pulido (SP) - Rip Curl, Airush, Shapes, DaKine, Kelme, FC Barcelona - 4800 pts
- 2nd : Noelia Nunez (SP) - Nomad, Airush, Nikita, Pro Limit - 4100 pts
- 3rd : Julie Simsar (FR / Tur) - Flexifoil, Kronic Kiteboard, Dakine - 2500 pts
- 4th : Dulcineia Alaminos (Por) - Best, X-Klam, Gheisa - 1620 pts
- 5th : Theresa Mc Kirdy (Aus) - Slingshot, Billabong, Von Zipper - 800 pts

2005 KPWT Junior Men World Champion :
- Tom Hébert (NC) - Airush, Oxbow, Gov. of New Caledonia

2005 KPWT Junior Women World Champion :
- Gisela Pulido (SP) - Rip Curl, Airush, Shapes, DaKine, Kelme, FC Barcelona

Overall World Ranking Wave Masters 2005 Men :
- 1st : Jose Luengo (SP) - Airush, 720, Air Europa, DaKine, Cult - 5180 pts
- 2nd : Pierre Romain (FR) - North, Surfactory, CoolTracks, Mystic - 4540 pts
- 3rd : Antoine Auriol (FR) - Kiteloose, Mormaii - 3640 pts
- 4th : Hervé Bouré (FR) - Takoon, Jeep, Reef, Sola, Smith, Sport Away - 2380 pts

Overall World Ranking Wave Masters 2005 Women :
- 1st : Gisela Pulido (SP) - Airush, Rip Curl, Shapes, Dakine, Kelme, FC Barcelona - 5600 pts
- 2nd : Noelia Nunez (SP) - Airush, Nomad, Nikita, Pro Limit - 2600 pts
- 2nd : Carol Freitas (BRA) - Oi, Vandals, Redlay, Zoobees, Kaenon - 2600 pts
- 4th : Caroline Adrien (FR) - Dakine Sideshore - 2400 pts

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