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Jim Beam Kiteboard World Cup • Turkey

Mickaël Fernandez and Gisela Pulido win Kitesurf event in Turkey

Monday 19 July 2004Redaction SSS [Source RP]

Saturday morning - 9.30 am - 14 knots - Everybody was on the beach, ready for the race! The show started straight away and we completed the winner brackets in the morning. Some riders really stood out and astonished the judges. The two finals were really tight : Mickaël Fernandez / Charles Deleau and Laurence Lignières / Gisela Pulido.

Fabienne D’Ortoli

Mickaël impressed everybody with his aerial style and manoeuvres ! ... Charles, as powerful as usual, performed incredible jumps. Just imagine : 20sm kite, handle pass, 7 meters high, 5 meters from the shore .... Nevertheless, despite all his efforts, the World Champion had to leave the highest step of the podium to his friend Mickaël Fernandez.

A special focus on the young generation of Kiteboarders :

Kevin Langeree, from Holland, 15 years old and already a champion. Kiteloops, back, front, ... always in the move ... He managed all these jumps and looked very at ease in front of the other competitors who follow the Tour.

And of course Gisela Pulido, from Spain, 10 years old and already at the top. Gisela won in front of Laurence Lignières. Blind, kite, ... the youngest woman of the KPWT was outstanding on the water. Fabienne D’Ortoli, with her 15sm kite, did not manage to jump high enough and finished at the third place of the Winner bracket.

The wind kept picking up and established itself around 15 and 20 knots in the afternoon. We did not waste any time and launched the double elimination at 3.30pm. Guillaume Mariani and Arnaud Dussen went through their heats very efficiently and managed to improve drastically their position in the ranking of the event. The Jim Beam Kiteboard World Cup 2004 revealed also the frenchy Thomas Coquelet and the dutch Johan Spelt.

The israelian team with their leader Ofri Argov - who won the Best Trick and invented a new trick - also surprised the jury with their level. A special thank to our Russian friends for their good spirit, smiles and humour !

As the wind dropped down around 7.30pm, we had to stop the double elimination. We all went to one of the most famous and expected party of the KPWT : BBQ, Jim Beam, concert, DJ’s, ... The perfect package for a successful party. Many thanks to Kerem and his team of Sportworks Group who take care of us like kings and queens !

Sunday morning - 10am - 8 knots ... Double elimination is on stand by ... until 4pm.

Despite very good jumps and a unique style, Charles Deleau lost his heat versus Kevin Langeree who distinguished himself with the variety of his riding. In the men final, Mickaël Fernandez, much more technical and powerful, confirmed his first place in front of the young kid from Holland.

On the women side, the double elimination did not change the podium. Gisela Pulido proved her know-how and talent. Laurence Lignières from Guadeloupe finished second and Fabienne D’Ortoli, who prefers strong wind, kept her third position.


- 1st Mickaël Fernandez (FRA)
- 2nd Kevin Langeree (HOL)
- 3rd Charles Deleau (FRA)

- 1st Gisela Pulido (SPA)
- 2nd Laurence Lignieres (GUA)
- 3rd Fabienne D’Ortoli (FRA)

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