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The Transat

Eleventh edition of The Transat / OSTAR welcomes 50’ monos and multis

Mark Turner : "We are in a position to confirm five entries for the multihull and six for the monohull divisions

mercredi 18 février 2004Redaction SSS [Source RP]

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OC Events, organisers of The Transat The Transat #thetransat #ostar , can announce today that the the participation of the 50-foot class is confirmed. "It was a condition for the 50-foot class that a minimum of five entries be received for both the monohull and multihull divisions by the 31st January," said Mark Turner, CEO of OC Events. "We are now in a position to confirm five entries for the 50-foot multihull division and six entries for the 50-foot monohull division and it is great news for the race that there will be an extremely competitive field of 50-footers come the starting date of 31st May 2004. In particular it maintains a very strong, and important, Corinthian and Amateur presence in the event.

The Transat The Transat #thetransat #ostar is the world’s longest-standing single-handed transatlantic race that began in 1960 with a wager set by Lt-Col H.G. ’Blondie’ Hasler who envisioned a race of "one man, one boat, the ocean..." sailing solo across the North Atlantic from Plymouth, UK to America. It was Sir Francis Chichester that took up the wager and won the very first edition of the race in 1960 beating four other competitors. The race, run every four years, quickly gathered momentum and after the lengendary Frenchman Eric Tabarly secured victory in 1964 the event grew to epic proportions that saw 125 starters cross the line in 1976. 

The entries for the 50ft multihull class include France’s well-known solo sailor Franck Yves Escoffier who finished 2nd in the 50ft mutlihull class in 2000 and 1st in Class 2 in the 2002 Route du Rhum Route du Rhum #RouteDuRhum  ; Etienne Hochedé (3rd Class 4 in 2000) ; Eric Bruneel ; and Dominique Demachy plus American Rex Conn. In the 50ft monohull division the class fields two Americans Kip Stone and Joe Harris, two Frenchmen Roger Langevin (3rd Class 2 2002 Route du Rhum Route du Rhum #RouteDuRhum ) and Jacques Bouchacourt, Simon Accati Sheard from Italy and Mark Taylor from Britain who finished 5th in the 50ft monohull class in 2000. 

The 50ft class often acts as a ’feeder’ class for up and coming sailors who go on to compete at a professional level on the IMOCA Imoca #IMOCA and ORMA 60ft circuits. Briton’s Emma Richards won the 50ft monohull class in 2000 and went on to compete her Open 60 ’Pindar’ in the Around Alone event last year finishing 4th overall. She has now announced her intention to race in the next Volvo Ocean Race. Alex Thomson took just over 19 days to finish third in the 2000 edition, Thomson is on course to compete in The Transat The Transat #thetransat #ostar on board an Open 60 as a precursor to competing in the 2004 Vendée Globe. In the 1996 edition of the race, Italian Giovanni Soldini set a storming 50ft monohull record Record #sailingrecord of 15 days, 18 hours, 29 minutes that still stands today. Soldini went on to win the Around Alone in 1998/99 and is now skipper of a fully professional 60ft multihull campaign.

The Transat is open to both 60ft and 50ft mulithull and monohulls with the 50ft class being subject to the minimum entry level. Now that the 50ft participation is confirmed it is hoped that the numbers in these divisions will increase : "We have interest from other 50ft class skippers," said John McKenna, Event Director, "and we hope that by now confirming the participation of this class other skippers will be able to pin down much needed funds to help them get to the start line."

The Transat (established in 1960 as the OSTAR) is entering its 12th edition in 2004. OC Events came on board as race organisers late last year to replace the Royal Western Yacht Club who had run the event since its inception. Facing the mounting insurance liability premiums following 9/11, the RWYC could no longer countenance their role as organisers to the professional classes. "We face a very big challenge to ensure that we continue the fantastic track record Record #sailingrecord set by the RWYC. We are actively seeking sponsors to be involved with The Transat but with a very short lead time. However, OCE are committed to underwriting the 2004 event. Looking at the entries received so far, OCE can certainly deliver a spectacular racing fleet and that is ultimately what the success of every event is judged on because it is the sailors who create the legendary stories that attract the attention of the public and media," said Turner.

The race will start on 31st May (Bank Holiday Monday) from Plymouth, UK racing nearly 3,000 miles across the North Atlantic to Boston, US. Storm-force gales, icebergs, fog and sleep deprivation are just some of the challenges each solo skipper will face. Entries in the 60ft multihull and monohull classes will be announced next week. These classes attract the premier solo skippers from France, England and around the world who will be facing their first solo transatlantic challenge since the 2002 Route du Rhum which saw galeforce conditions inflicting extensive damage in the opening stages of the race. Importantly, for the 60ft monohull skipper it is the last opportunity to qualify for the non-stop, solo round the world 2004 Vendée Globe starting in November.

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Nom du bateau/skipper/nationalité
- TRILOGIC / Eric Bruneel / France
- ALACRITY / Rex Conn / Etats-Unis
- GIFI / Dominique Demachy / France
- BOAT NAME TBC / Franck Yves Escoffier / France
- PIR2 / Etienne Hochedé / France


Nom du bateau/skipper/nationalité
- OKAMI / Jacques Bouchacourt / France
- GRYPHON SOLO / Joe Harris / Etats-Unis
- BRANEC III / Roger Langevin / France
- TREDICI / Simon Accati Sheard / Italie
- ARTFORMS / Kip Stone / Etats-Unis
- OLYMPIAN CHALLENGER / Mark Taylor / Royaume-Uni

• RESULTATS 2000 CLASSE 2 (50 pieds multicoques)

Position/nom du bateau/skipper/temps de course
- 1er TENEZ BON LES ENFANTS / Herve Cleris / 18J 0H 54M
- 2e DELEAGE / Frank-Yves Escoffier / 18J 5H 30M
- Abandon TEAM WOODBASE / Charles Allen (problème de gouvernail et de ballast)

• RESULTATS 2000 CLASSE 2 (50 pieds monocoques)

Position/nom du bateau/skipper/temps de course
- 1er PINDAR / Emma Richards / 18J 20H 30M
- 2e NASTRO AZZURRO / Andrea Gancia / 19J 9H 30M
- 3e SAILTHATDREAM.COM / Alex Thomson / 19J 12H 32M
- 4e WIND / Pasquale de Gregorio / 22J 18H 58M
- 5e OLYMPIAN CHALLENGER / Mark Taylor / 30J 0H 48M

- 50 pieds monocoque : 1996 / TELECOM ITALIA / Giovanni Soldini (Italie) / 15j 18h 29m
- 50 pieds multicoque : 1992 / CLM / Herve Cleris (France) / 16j 12h 17m

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