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Du grand large à la plage : Toute l’actualité des sports de glisse depuis 2000

Paris boat show

Price giving of the Trophée des Minis

Le Blévec and Delord first winners

samedi 8 décembre 2001Christophe Guigueno

image 300 x 158Yves Le Blévec wears SailSafety’s helmet. Photo : Ch.Guigueno
2001 was the year of the first edition of the Trophée des Minis, a ranking by points over the year for the skippers of Open 650 mini yachts. This Saturday took place on the Amiot place at the Paris Boat Show the price giving.

About 50 people answered to invitation to congratulate the most regular skippers of the season. Winner in the Prototypes division, Yves Le Blévec, skipper of the Finot design n°151, has been offered a special helmet from the american company (see the photo). Alain Delord, winner in the Serie division with his Pogo n°211 has won a helmsman seat offered by the shipyard from Brest Brest #brest Latitude 48°24’.

After this 2001 season and its main event, the single handed Transat 650, some sailors will prepare a new year of races at the helm of their 6.50 open yacht. Other are alreay preparing new challenges. Yves Le Blévec has not already made his choice. Yannick Bestaven, second of the Trophée des Minis and winner of the Transat The Transat #thetransat #ostar 650, wants to enter in the next Route du Rhum Route du Rhum #RouteDuRhum at the helm of an Open 60. Jeanne Grégoire, third and first woman, will enter in the Transat AG2R Transat AG2R #TALM at the helm of a Figaro Bénéteau with Arnaud Boissières. Alain Delord is ready to do it again next year with, why not, another mini in 2003.

In 2002, a new season is waiting for the minis. will follow them as close as possible on the web in its sport sailing news and after each race with the Trophée des Minis 2002. Rendez-vous in the port of calls and on the web for this new big mini season to come.

Boat show quotes

Alain Delord : "I keep my boat for myself next year so I will still be racing in the 650 class. This ranking is a good idea. It goes with the mini spirit. A ranking by points makes us wanting to enter in all the races !"

Yves Le Blévec : "If I can continue to sail, I do it again ! My experience in the 650 class was great. I have learnt lots of things. Before this season, I didn’t know offshore and single handing sailing. Now, I want to improve my skills. This ranking is nice. We have to make good results all along the year. It celebrates the most regular skippers."

Yannick Bestaven : "I have talked with Lalou Roucayrol to sail aboard the trimaran Banque Populaire. I will start the year as crew for the grand-prix. In the same time, I try to launch a challenge for the Rhum Race. I think about Yves Parlier’s monohull which I already know as I have sailed aboard feww times. But going from the mini to the Open 60 is not easy ! It is another organisation Organisation #organisation and another budget !"

2001 final ranking

1 DELORD Alain : 365 LE BLEVEC Yves : 425 pts
2 DUVAL Frédéric : 353 BESTAVEN Yannick : 365
3 MIRABEL Michel : 353 GRÉGOIRE Jeanne : 335
4 DESPORT Olivier : 317 LEIBOVICI Karen : 319
5 LAUTROU Pierre-Yves : 304 BOISSIÈRES Arnaud : 318
6 AYRAULT Stéphane : 292 DOUGUET Corentin : 290
7 STEPHAN Bruno : 285 GUÉRIN Ronan : 279
8 LE BRAS Loic : 273 THOMPSON Brian : 278
9 FAVRE Hervé : 228 DAVIES Samantha : 268
10 CHOCHON Thomas : 218 PARNAUDEAU Benoit : 251
62 classés 66 classés

Full ranking :

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