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Du grand large à la plage : Toute l’actualité des sports de glisse depuis 2000


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Open mini boats under spinnakers in the bay of Lorient

dimanche 29 septembre 2002Christophe Guigueno

Have you ever seen a mini 650 Mini 650 #mini650 , the 5.60 metres long open class monohulls, sailing downwind under skiff Skiff #skiff style maxi spinnakers ? Watch some of them sailing in the bay of Lorient Lorient L’actualité du port de Lorient et de sa région. (Brittany - France) on SeaSailSurfTV.

The images have been taken from September 6 to 8th in Lorient Lorient L’actualité du port de Lorient et de sa région. during the SoloChrono 650, a solo race around Groix island with a general rankings over the best times of each skippers cumulated over the three days.

You will sea All Mer, a Seb Magnen design sailed by her designer (twice winner of the Mini-Transat Mini-Transat #MiniTransat ) and then by her skipper, Fred Duthill. You also can see other prototypes and Pogos (serie division).

The one there is Fred Duval’s one. A Magnen design too which has won the last Transat 650 with Yannick Bestaven.

Extrait de la vidéo visible sur SeaSailSurfTV

To watch the videos (including some of the Solitaire du Figaro Solitaire du Figaro #LaSolitaire 2002 and the first sails of FRA 69, first french IACC boat for 2003 America’s Cup America's Cup #AmericasCup ) you need the download the Quicktime pluggin and call a phone number to get the code access available during 24 hours.

To see them, click HERE !

Have nice surfs on SeaSailSurfTV !

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