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La Route des Princes

Around Europe’s regions for all big multihulls classes in 2013

mercredi 19 septembre 2012Redaction SSS [Source RP]

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Based on a totally original concept, the first edition of the Route des Princes will take place from 9th to 29th June 2013. An event dedicated entirely to multihulls measuring in excess of 40ft, it will take the form of a genuine tour of Europe’s regions. Spanning Valencia (Spain) and the bay of Morlaix (Brittany), via Lisbon (Portugal), Cork (Ireland) and Plymouth (England), the route will provide a dense and comprehensive racecourse, punctuated by wondrous events at each of the stopovers, highlighting the links between sailors and those working the land. The top sailors, the fastest boats of the age, an event already deeply rooted in regions of great richness : a new European race has been born !

Committed to promoting their skills and their culture through a strong and long-lasting presence in the world of offshore racing, the producers at "Prince de Bretagne" were keen to create a race that truly reflected their values. Aimed at all manner of multihulls, from 40-footers to the giant record Record #sailingrecord hunters, MOD70s as well as Multi50s, today the Route des Princes is the only meeting geared exclusively around such craft. On two or three hulls, the top names will race alongside enthusiastic amateurs as they come together to write the opening lines of an epic that will set sail from Valencia on 9 June 2013. With around twenty boats expected on a shared start line, the stage for what promises to be an unprecedented standard of competition will be set the moment the starting gun sounds.

The maritime and competitive aspect of this event will be further boosted by a very strong emphasis on Europe’s region. In this way, each host town and city will have the chance to show off its riches, be they agricultural, gastronomic, traditional or cultural. The Route des Princes’ ports will enable the public to rediscover the magic of major oceanic meetings and get up close to the sailors and their boats. Each stopover will correspond with an already existing, well-established event for the people : the giant paëllas and grand chef competition in Valencia, the City Festival in Lisbon, the concerts in Cork, the Barbican festival in Plymouth and France’s grand finale, the "Entre Terre et Mer" (‘Twixt Land and Sea) festival, the second edition of which will transform the bay of Morlaix into a communion of sailors, fishermen and farmers. Steadfastly open, the race village will be at the very hub of the entertainments programme. A totally innovative festival, the Route des Princes will satisfy the needs and aspirations of Europe’s regions, the public and sportsmen and women everywhere.

Quotes :

Jean-François Jacob, Secretary-General of the St Pol Sica, Manager of Prince de Bretagne : “We felt that it was in the interest of all the owners and skippers of multihulls to have an extra event to support their programmes. We were keen to have an event, which gathers us all together and highlights our very strong link with the sailors. Like them, we’re subject to the vagaries of the weather on a daily basis and if we manage to grow vegetables year round in northern Brittany it’s thanks to the influence of the sea and the Gulf Stream. Through the Route des Princes, we want to show that the land-based world is a source of dynamism in a number of regions across Europe. This notion is something Prince de Bretagne’s producers hold dear and they want to share this with others. Our aim is to enhance the prestige of the different territories and to enable the greatest possible number of people to discover them thanks to an event for the people, which will be a celebration of all the different trades at sea and on land”.

Lionel Lemonchois, skipper of the Maxi80 Prince de Bretagne : “The concept is an attractive one because it is reminiscent of the original European Tour, a race which existed in the 90s and always proved to be extremely popular. It’s always nice to switch from one country to another, especially when racing in crews. The Route des Princes is really offering a fine course. It is also important to be able to associate oneself with something other than sailing as it gives things a new twist and thus has greater appeal for us and for the public.”

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The dates for the Route des Princes

Valencia Start Sunday 9 June 2013

Lisbon ETA Wednesday 12 June Departure Saturday 15 June

Cork ETA Wednesday 19 June Departure Saturday 22 June

Plymouth ETA Thursday 27 June Departure Friday 28 June

Baie de Morlaix ETA Saturday 29 June

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