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MOD 70

Roland Jourdain : "We can offer a turnkey MOD 70’ project with a team more motivated than ever"

vendredi 2 mars 2012Redaction SSS [Source RP]

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Following the withdrawal of Veolia Environnement Environnement , his partner on the MOD 70’ championship, was announced on 10 February, today Roland Jourdain breaks his silence to discuss the future of his project and his team, Kaïros. The Brittany skipper would also like to thank all the internet followers, journalists, friends and other well-wishers for their messages of support. After a Vendée Globe attempt, two victories on the Route du Rhum Route du Rhum #RouteDuRhum and all the rest, the skipper affectionately known as "Bilou" and his team are targeting a fresh challenge : to rejoin the race as quickly as possible !

Why the period of silence ?

Roland Jourdain : "I was well aware that I would be tempted to answer questions I had no desire to discuss. This is a big deal and has serious consequences for many people ; there’s a whole team working with me and I had to think of them before speaking. I also needed time to reflect and look to the future. This partnership gave me the best possible support for eight years and we shared some very intense moments. They enabled me to work with some very high-calibre people, who specialise in subjects that I am touched by, such as sustainable development. I have received many messages of support : Thank you to you all, and I mean that ! Now it is up to us to move on and work on a new project for a new partner but with the same team !"

What’s next ?

Roland Jourdain : "We’re putting everything we have into our next project, you can count on us ! We can offer a turnkey MOD 70’ project with a team more motivated than ever and a fantastic boat. This is a boat we know by heart, which we have developed and which has evolved with the current team at the controls. It’s our baby and the ideal scenario would be to have a new partner assume the project quickly. The project we have created is still entirely in place, complete with the current Kairos setup and buildings in Concarneau, we are open to all project proposals of any size. In parallel we are continuing work on activities within Kaïros with a greater focus on the environment and sustainable development, in particular biomaterials. There are plenty of ideas to develop and bring to fruition. Society is evolving, as are the rules of the game, and we need to consider our response. It’s a fresh challenge, that’s how I like to see it."

You created Kaïros in 2007, what does the future hold for the team ?

Roland Jourdain : " I am very proud of the Kaïros setup. We have an excellent team skilled at every level with an international culture ingrained in the local area. Our number one priority has been to meet our commitments to them. Veolia Environnement Environnement has allowed us to maintain the Kaïros operating platform for a few months so that we can take on new projects. Even though some are moving on to new challenges, most of the team have decided to stay. Everyone is ready to commit anew. In order to move in this direction and maintain the competitiveness of the crew assembled for the MOD 70’ season, the team will continue to train on our F18’s. With Kaïros we managed to break out of the solitary mindset and operate as a team. This has reinforced our knowledge and skills and we are capable of starting on very different types of projects. The ideal solution would be to harness the many skills of this group and embark on a wide variety of projects. There are so many remarkable things to do, and it is that diversity and wealth of opportunity that appeal to me."

You talk in terms of your team and crew... but in this Vendée Globe year are you also exploring more solo avenues ?

Roland Jourdain : "I talk about MOD 70’ a lot because it is the circuit on which we were committed and for which we have everything in place to mount a new challenge very quickly. But, clearly, I have not lost sight of my old passions ! The Route du Rhum Route du Rhum #RouteDuRhum and the Vendée Globe always excite me, especially as they also require teamwork !"

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