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Little America’s Cup

French team prepare "Patient Lady VI"

Antoine Koch, Benjamin Muyl and Jérémie Lagarrigue on a Class C

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Born in 1961, the “Little America’s cup” (or I4C, International C Class Catamaran Championship, as it should be called) will take place in Newport, Rhodes Island, from the 22nd to the 28th of August, for its 25th edition. Benjamin Muyl, Antoine Koch and Jeremie Lagarrigue, trained and advised by Vianney Ancellin, will sail one of the 7 boats to compete.

Among other competitors are Fred Eaton, from Canada, who has won the last edition in 2007, Steve Clark, legend of the “Little America’s cup”, winner in 1996 on his famous Cogito, Glenn Ashby, silver medalist in Bejing in Tornado and 7 times A Class world champion, and James Spithill, helmsman of the trimaran USA, winner of the 33rd America’s cup !

Muyl, Koch and Lagarrigue : Three profiles for one project

Benjamin Muyl was part of the architectural team of BMW Oracle Racing, winner of the 33rd America’s cup. He then met Magnus Clarke and Fred Eaton, when Fred lent his boats to BMW Oracle Racing so that the American team can get used to the wing handling. Fred offered Benjamin to sail Patient Lady VI for the coming edition of “Little America’s cup”.

Benjamin Muyl saw in Fred’s offer, a great opportunity to start the long time project of taking part in the “Little America’s cup”.

“Patient Lady VI is a boat of legend. She has 25 years ! Obviously, she won’t take us to the victory this time, but we mainly aim at observing and learn more on the wings” tells Benjamin Muyl.

“We believe this can be the starting point of our project to design and build a new French C Class, the first since 1991, that would lead us to win the Little AC in 2012, in UK” add the three.

Passionated by technical innovation, Antoine Koch and Benjamin Muyl add “We believe that Multihulls and wings are to be seen more in coming years….The experience we will get there should be usable in some coming projects….”

The team

Benjamin Muyl, Arts et Métiers engineer and yacht designer (, two America’s cup (Areva Challenge 2007 et BMW Oracle Racing 2010, winner of the 33rd America’s Cup), and the will of a lot more to come, will be the project manager.

Antoine Koch, engineer and yacht designer, two Routes du Rhum, seven Solitaires du Figaro, and a big passion for the multihulls and technical development, will be the helmsman.

Jérémie Lagarrigue, engineer at PSA, highly demanded Formula 18 crew (vice world champion in 2008, 10th in 2010), and holder of the speed world record on the Hydroptère with 51,36 nds on 500 meters, will be the wing trimmer, surely the hardest part !

Vianney Ancellin, founder and developer of the Diam Formula 18, and pioneer of the multihull in France, will be the coach and advisor.

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The concept of the “Little America’s cup”

The regattas will be sailed on “C Class” boats. The name comes from the four catamaran classes that were created by IYRU (now ISAF), named by letters, from A to D.

The class rule of the C Class Catamaran fits in 5 points :

- 1. A catamaran
- 2. Sail area 27,868 m2 (300 square feet)
- 3. Length 25 feet
- 4. Width 14 feet
- 5. 2 crew member

The simplicity of this rule has permitted a large number of innovations, among them the first wing mast in 1964 and the first solid wing in 1972… After 40 years of development, the wings have become the common set up in the class and they have reached a level of refinement seen nowhere else.

The free thinking approach of the C Class community is striking. It is actually common for those experienced on these very specific boats to help the newcomers to get started. The way everyone involved in this class share informations is very refreshing. The pleasure of designing, building and racing magical and futuristic boats prevails.

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