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Crazy Dogs

Will he do it ?

Is Leander Vyvey from Belgium going to jump ?

samedi 27 mars 2010Redaction SSS [Source RP]

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The freestyle kiteboarder Leander Vyvey, from Newport, obtains great success in his sport. Since 2008 Leander belongs to the top of the world in kitesurfing. In the beginning you see Leander doing his favorite moves, the “Whirly Bird” pass, the “Jesus walk”,... Next you see him on a 22 floor roof top in Brussel, with a kite and a skateboard, some duck tape and in an extreme situation. Is this movie real or not ? Nevertheless it remains a superb example of the popularity of extreme sports.

This 21 year old talented kitesurfer is a real Crazy Dog, online you can find several crazy movies about him. The Crazy Dogs are Belgian boarders, living on the edge, in search of the ultimate thrill and looking for some crazy situations. This Summer they create mini-events and they keep on searching for the ultimate thrill. They can be very surprising. They experience fun during radical and crazy situations.

Few links about the Crazy Dogs

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